Revolutionise Your Oral Health with Guided Biofilm Therapy

Revolutionise Your Oral Health with Guided Biofilm Therapy

Good oral hygiene is critical to your overall health and wellbeing – but let’s get real: traditional teeth cleaning methods can sometimes fail us.   

Brushing and flossing alone can’t penetrate all the nooks and crannies where harmful bacteria-filled dental biofilm builds up—and scraping your teeth with sharp metal tools at the dentist? No thanks!   


So, what’s the solution?   

Cue Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT). This cutting-edge treatment is a total game changer for deep cleaning your mouth. GBT uses advanced technology to GENTLY, yet POWERFULLY remove dental biofilm from places you didn’t even know you had.   

See, that sneaky dental biofilm is more than just a cosmetic nuisance that causes unsightly yellow teeth. Left unchecked, this harmful mouth biofilm increases your risk for many problems. We’re talking gum disease, cavities, bad breath – the works! It can even allow bacteria into your bloodstream to cause respiratory infections and other systemic health issues.   

By using state-of-the-art techniques to disrupt this dental biofilm fully, GBT delivers comprehensive teeth cleaning for unparalleled oral health. It’s pain-free, non-abrasive and goes far beyond what regular dentist visits and daily brushing can accomplish. GBT is the VIP treatment your mouth deserves – keep reading to learn more!  


What is Guided Biofilm Therapy?   

GBT is a cutting-edge, 8-step process that uses advanced technology to provide a more complete and gentle removal of dental biofilm from your entire mouth. It goes beyond basic plaque and tartar removal to eliminate this harmful dental biofilm – a complex community of bacteria that adheres to surfaces in the mouth.     

Let’s take a look into how GBT works:    

The 8 Steps of GBT:  

  1. Examination – Thorough diagnosis of your teeth, gums and peri-implant areas. We will check for signs of disease and assess your oral health needs.  
  1. Disclose – Make the dental biofilm visible. A disclosing solution is applied to stain and highlight biofilm buildup.  
  1. Motivate – Provide instructions for proper at-home oral hygiene. Our dentists will demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques.  
  1. Airflow – Gently remove biofilm using warm water. A special handpiece sprays a warm mix 40-degree water to disturb biofilm.  
  1. Perioflow – Cleaning deep into gum pockets. With Perioflow technology, we clean deep into periodontal pockets, gently.  
  1. Piezon PS – Pain-free removal of calculus. Ultrasonic vibrations break up tartar while preserving tooth structure.  
  1. Quality Control – Ensure complete biofilm removal. Your mouth is rechecked for any remaining biofilm.  
  1. Recall – Schedule your next appointment. Regular GBT maintenance is key for ongoing oral health.  


Why Choose GBT?   

So, why choose GBT over other traditional teeth cleaning methods? Well, here are the benefits that you will only see with GBT:  

  • More complete clean – Gets to hidden areas traditional methods can’t reach for better dental biofilm removal.  
  • Minimally invasive – More comfortable patient experience. The gentle approach reduces sensitivity or gum irritation.  
  • Improved oral health – Prevents issues like gum disease and cavities by disrupting disease-causing bacteria.  
  • Stain removal – Removes stubborn dental biofilm stains for whiter natural teeth and restorations like crowns, bridges and veneers.  
  • Warm water – Uses a gentle stream of warm water to loosen and rinse away biofilm. This is less abrasive than metal tools.  
  • Perio flow – The antimicrobial liquid penetrates up to 6mm below the gumline to target harmful bacteria.  
  • Better for implants – Cleans implants thoroughly without damaging surfaces. Reduces peri-implantitis.  

 Give your mouth a fresh start with Guided Biofilm Therapy. Consult your dentist today to learn more and schedule your GBT appointment with Mola Dental for optimal oral hygiene.   

GBT takes teeth cleaning to the next level for complete oral health. With state-of-the-art technology, it outperforms traditional methods and promotes wellbeing through advanced dental biofilm management; experience the pain-free difference yourself! 




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