Dentures are removable false teeth that can replace a single tooth, multiple or a complete set. There are three types of dentures; the first is cobalt chrome dentures, a metal frame to utilise the support of natural teeth. There are also standard acrylic dentures and Valplast, a hybrid between the
previously mentioned solutions.

Dentures can sometimes be used as a temporary solution. For example, if you’ve had a fall and wanted dental implants, your teeth would have to be removed before having implants. You could have a denture fitted to maintain your appearance and maintain the space in your mouth.

Alternatively, if you’d like to have dental implants or a bridge, but your oral health is unstable, ethically, we can’t provide you with a fixed solution straight away. Therefore, we’d recommend dentures whilst we work on your oral health to ensure the longevity of your permanent solution. The solution most associated with dentures is for the elderly. Dentures last at least five to ten years, and we recommend considering a spare pair of dentures as if they were to break; we’d need to take the broken dentures to repair or replace them.

How long it takes to recover after having dentures fitted

Dentures have no recovery time, as it is not an invasive procedure; everything is done outside of the mouth. Therefore, you can return to work or school after having your dentures fitted.

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Are dentures right for me?

Having dentures fitted is a pain-free solution that most people are suitable for. 

Before having dentures, we recommend you consider if they fit your lifestyle. For example, we
recommend that when eating hard foods such as apples with dentures, you should cut the apple up to preserve your dentures. So, if biting into an apple is part of your daily routine, you should
consider a different solution, such as bridges or implants.

Do you have to use fixatives with dentures?

Fixative is a denture adhesive that intends to hold dentures. Ideally, you won’t use it, but we’ll make patient-specific recommendations for this.

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