How To Take Care of Your Child’s Oral Hygiene

taking care of your child's oral hygiene

We know keeping your family happy and healthy is one of your top priorities, and that includes maintaining good oral hygiene.

Recent news shows that 895,000 tooth extractions were performed on children in 2018-19 on the NHS, a shocking figure that is only getting worse with children now being more likely to snack on sugary treats whilst gaming or watching TV.

Many parents feel that teaching children how to take care of their oral health correctly is a simple task; however, it can sometimes be tricky. You’ll face boredom from your little one, but it is important that you carry on working toward improving their dental health.

To learn the best way to brush your child’s teeth, then carry on reading.


How can I improve my child’s oral health?

Eat right

To help your children grow up with healthy teeth, start by offering them healthy snacks instead of sugary treats, try crisp vegetables and fruits such as apples and celery.

Fruits and vegetables are packed with great health benefits, not only for their body but for their oral health. They contain enzymes and vitamins that help strengthen teeth and keep them in the best condition.

To ensure your child develops a strong jaw, encourage them to eat plenty of crunchy food. Chewing on these foods will strengthen your child’s jaw and reduce the risk of having problems with their teeth later in life.

Visit our recent blog post to read more about the foods that help maintain great oral health.


Make it fun

When brushing your child’s teeth, you only need four minutes a day; try and make this time fun for them. You can incorporate a few things, such as:

  • Being with your child. Try standing with them and brushing your teeth together. You could also try putting on some music and making this a time to bond.


  • Letting them choose a toothbrush and toothpaste which features a character or theme they like. They will be more excited to brush their teeth, and you can help make this activity fun for them!


Don’t forget that when choosing a toothpaste for your child, it should have the right amount of fluoride. Children under three should use a smear of at least 1,000ppm fluoride per brushing session. Children aged three to six should use a pea-sized amount of 1,000ppm fluoride toothpaste.


Show them how it’s done from a young age

Children are often led by example; this means what they see you doing, they will recreate.

The earlier your child can see that brushing their teeth is normal, the more relaxed they will be when they do this. We recommend:

  • Showing them how to correctly floss, brush their teeth and tongue and use mouthwash.


  • Showing them that using a circular motion is correct and how to rinse and spit.


  • Educational YouTube videos. There are plenty you can play to your child whilst brushing their teeth. Some of these are ‘how-to’ guides that you can show your little ones so they can follow along. We love ‘brush along’ songs – these are available for your children to watch for the two minutes it takes them to brush their teeth.


  • Reward your child! Go old school and have a chart on the fridge with gold star stickers. When your child brushes their teeth well, they can place a sticker on their chart; they can watch it get full and work towards a treat!


How can Mola Dental help?

We’re a family-run dentist and help nervous patients (that includes children) feel at ease when visiting us.

You can bring a toy or your child’s device and headphones to help them feel more at home, and you can be there holding their hand every step of the way.

if you have any questions about treatments that we can offer your little ones, contact the surgery on 0114 317 7002, and a member of our friendly team will be happy to talk you through our process.

To start your healthy mouth journey at home, download our FREE guide for helpful tips, guidance and the best practices you should be using.




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